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Talk show on social networks in the English class

jeudi 26 mai 2016

On Tuesday 17th, March, some students debated on « How has new technology changed our lives ? ». 5 people took part in this debate : a worried teacher, a tech-free student, a teenager addicted to social networks, their mother, and a business venture manager. For all of them, new technologies like social networks help make the world a better place. But new technology has both negative and positive consequences.
The negative consequences are that it is dangerous for the future of teenagers, and with social networks, our personal data is endangered. Also, cyberbullying is very present so it is dangerous. For the mother and the tech-free teenager, people don’t have any social life because today people have a virtual life instead. For the teacher, teenagers spend too much time on social networks.
The positive consequences are that for teenagers it’s easier to do their homework and to communicate with others and we can catch up our homework more easily. For the business venture manager, it’s useful for businesses because we can share ideas. For them, social networks can make a huge difference for their companies.
To conclude on the debate, new technologies like social networks have both positive and negative consequences. And you, what do you think ?

Joseph Deschamps & Marine Boisbunon Y11S2