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2016 Highlight : our trip to London !

jeudi 9 juin 2016

By Jean-Baptiste Rallet

We left Mortain on Monday 21st March at 8 pm. We arrived in Calais around 3 am and finally arrived at destination at 9 am.
There, we first headed to Kensington Gardens. A lot of us fed the ducks in the pond. Although we were tired, we enjoyed this morning in the park.
In the afternoon, we went to Harrods where a man was playing the guitar. Then, we visited the Science Museum, which was quite interesting ! It was bigger than we expected and it was about every science topic imaginable, from anatomy to astronomy.
In the evening, we reached the suburbs where we met our host families.
On Wednesday, we visited the Natural History Museum, which was very interesting since it is like a zoo but with stuffed animals of all kinds, from whales to lions.
Then, we went to the Museum of London where we had a questionnaire to fill in for the History class, to know more about the City of London.
On Thursday, we visited the National Gallery. I really enjoyed the experience ! We could exchange with other visitors about the masterpieces exposed.
In the afternoon, we visited the British Museum.
On Friday, our last day, we visited the Greenwich Museum which I didn’t like because it was all about watches and Time – this visit was indeed mostly for the math students ..!
However, I loved the Tower of London, which we visited in the evening. We had a good meal nearby : the traditional Fish and Chips !
Even if we were exhausted at the end of the trip, I will keep good memories of it ! (like the jelly beans contest ..! ;-))