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Unplug ! the tech-free challenge, by Zélina (1è L)

jeudi 26 janvier 2017

When we came back to school, each of us shared their experience with the
others. 4 out of 9 students succeeded this challenge. For those 5 who failed ,
including me, we managed to cope without technology for one day only.
Romuald,Thomas,Adrien were afraid to fail because of the TV. Estelle ,
Marilou, Lise and Morgane found it difficult not to listen to music during a
weekend.Instead of being on the Internet , students did other activities .
Thomas played board-games, Laëtitia did her homework, Estelle did shopping .
5 students failed, such as Adrien because he watched a football match, Lise because
she listened to music on Youtube, Estelle because of the Internet and Morgane because of the TV.
And about my personal account ? I failed because of my impatience, I felt so
curious to know what was happening on social networks. I was not acting crazy
at all, but I was bored and I missed my devices. On the first day I did the
challenge I played with my sister, I should do this more often. I also cooked
with my mom. My main difficulties were to not watch TV series
and to not check my Twitter account. I’m happy I did it for one day, but
I wanted to succeed this challenge.
It’s sad to see how big the impact of technology is on our lives. Life is so
much easier with our devices because it helps us to do our homework, answer
questions, keep in touch with people, meet new friends… I don’t know how this
world would be without technology, everything would be different, maybe more
human and less digital. The impact of technology is important, it’s as if our
generation was born with a cell-phone in its hand, we grow up with devices
and this is why it’s so hard to stop.