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« Troc à trucs »

lundi 22 mai 2017

« For our final project, our class has organized a collaborative event at school : a swap event. It took place on Tuesday 2d May from 1 to 2 PM in the library hall. With other students we have swapped things we didn’t need anymore, such as books or jewels.
There were a few negative aspects : some pupils have not played the game and haven’t brought objects to swap ! To do better, we must present our project in a better way.
However, there were a lot of positive aspects : it was a new experience at our school, we could hope to find new objects and maybe the object of our dreams. It was good to connect with people, help and trust each other. The pupils got acquainted. »
by Clémence Lemoussu & Clémence Paimblanc.
(photo credit : CDNIS)